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eMarketing for small business:
an introduction

As a small business owner you make lots of connections, you meet people at business networking events, trade shows, conferences and in your day to day business so you're probably already familiar with the 'business introduction dance'.
The 'business introduction dance' goes something like this for most of us:
  1. The polite hello
  2. The introductions and exchange of names
  3. The business card exchange
  4. The 30 second elevator pitch from each side
  5. The realization there's no immediate need for the product or service the other person is offering
  6. The polite goodbye.
Take a quick glance around your desk and I'm sure you'll find "the pile" whether it's a small pile or a shoe box full we all have a collection of business cards we've accumulated from our most recent (and some not so recent) business encounters.
But what are we doing with these cards? These tokens of connections made but long forgotten?
Not Much! But we should be! We should be turning them into sales!
So how do you turn these business cards into prospects and ultimately into sales?
Well, you need to implement a strategy to stay in touch so these contacts will know where to find you when they are ready to make a purchase or are interested in your product or service.
In the old days of salesman and door to door visits this meant a monthly follow up phone call with each prospect to ask "are you ready to buy yet?" this time consuming process meant the more salesman the company employed the more contacts could be made in a day, but this time consuming and often neglected (especially by the entrepreneurial minded!) task when left unchecked, desn't get done.
So we need a way to touch base, regularly, with our current database of contacts and say "Are you ready to buy yet?" and If this base touching strategy includes providing something of value to the contact, it will build the relationship all on it's own!
That's what we call, top of mind marketing!
Electronic Marketing (eMarketing) is a tool used by business large and small to provide that base touching effort to customers without employing a team of phone jockey salesman making call after call to a database of existing and potential customers and it's a strategy that even the smallest business can take advantage of!
So now thanks to eMarketing and without a need for time consuming (and often neglected) direct contact via telephone or in person, the small business person has the time to focus on growing their business, while they're eMarketing solution stays in touch with the contact database on their behalf!
Below you’ll find a summary of the Pieces of the Puzzle that go together to form a
cost effective eMarketing solution that allows you to stay in touch, educate and
create relationships with your customers.

Step 1: Build a customer database

  • Save  the cards you collect
  • Input the cards into a database
  • Combine existing customer databases
  • implement Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Upload your database to an eMarketing solution providers secure site
  • Expect to spend about 60 seconds entering each new contact
  • Outsource your data entry for as little as 25 cents per card, ask us how

Step 2: Create an eNewsletter

  • eNewsletter services are very different from regular email programs
  • What about newsletter content?
  • Include special promotions, sales, any and all PR, Community events, networking events, new products, customer testimonials, FAQ’s, Contests / Feedback requests, Industry News!
  • Learn about undocumented Google tools that will feed your inbox with industry news daily!
  • Your newsletter becomes a PULL to your website
  • Easy statistic tracking and feedback provided by eNewsletter service providers
  • eNewsletter services are as little as $15 monthly, unlimited emails, no commitment

Step 3: Create or update your Sales Website:

  • Your website should be your 24/7 Sales team
  • A Basic sales website should include:
  • Contact info, Details of your business / strategy / mission statement and a call to action!
  • Should be a fairly small site similar to a tri-fold brochure for most small businesses
  • Staying in the top 10 on Google is often not a very cost effective strategy
  • Adding or changing info regularly is difficult and just doesn’t get done for most entrepreneurs
  • What if you only ever have to update your website one more time by add a link to your blog on your website?
  • Blogs are MUCH easier to update and stay on top of, how can we fit them into our strategy?

Step 4: Get Blogging!

  • From the term “Web Log” is an archive of notes or articles that you write
  • It becomes your hosting site for all your newsletter articles from Step 1 above
  • Popular social networking tool now sweeping the business world by storm in 2007
  • Largely accepted as less formal than a website, easier to update and more direct
  • Arranged chronologically with the newest at the top and older entries are archived below
  • Found faster by Google / web searches
  • Directs traffic to your sales website
  • Best of all blogs are a Free tool

The steps involved in implementing an eMarketing strategy can be overwhelming at first, however if we think with the end in mind and take each step one by one we can create an eMarketing machine that with as little as 2-3 hours a month can create regular contact with your customers, drive traffic to your website, stimulate conversations, develop your reputation as a leader in your industry and best of all, get you noticed!

Below is a collection of FREE eMarketing strategy tools, when you're ready to put eMarketing to work for you, call The Technology Coach for a no cost no obligation eMarketing strategy evaluation!

Introductions and Documents

  • One Page Introduction handout HERE
  • The Entire 1 Day PowerPoint Presentation in PDF format FREE!

  • Handout notes from the 1 Day Presentation in PDF format FREE!

Email Newsletters

Newsletter Content

  • Google news alerts - Using Google to generate free e-newsletter
    content for your industry - in PDF Format FREE!

  • Google News Website

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